What is the impact of Covid on the Telecom Industry?

The Coronavirus impacts every business and daily routine. Because of Covid, our social life has been hampered a lot, work from home has started, and the use of data has increased, so the telecom sector’s impact also increased. The telecommunication industry is the core of communication, and it is required for the government, private and medical sectors for seamless operations. Video conferencing, remote working, team meetings, etc., are essential for the business. The telecommunication network must be strong during the lockdown period. The Telecom industry is the golden part of the economy. 

Areas that impacted in Covid-19

  • Because of remote working and being stuck at home. The speed of the download and video quality decreased. 
  • There is so much competition between the video streaming service providers. In the covid situation, the media streaming service providers had to provide their services at a low cost.
  • In the lockdown period, there is a lot of risk of hacking the data. Because at home, security is a significant concern. The hacker’s goal is to steal your valuable data and use that information for their benefit.
  • The Telecom industry wants to grow their network, but covid affects the planning and investment of the 5G network, so it has not been launched yet. 
  • The industry finds new ways to sell its products and services to customers because stores are closed. They started self-services. 
  • The data is used to track the infected people. It may question the data privacy of the people.
  • The Telecom industry that has the sports media affects the advertisement revenue because of the cancellation of the sports league. 
  • In the pandemic situation, many opportunities and innovations have vanished. Some startups did not grow in this period.
  • They also faced the issue in the cash flow, and there is the pressure of increasing demand for cellular infrastructure.

How does the telecom sector handle the situation?

    • Because of Covid, everyone has to stay home, and the demand for the internet has increased. Many internet providers increased their speed to connect with their loved ones and do their work correctly.
    • The industry tried to provide internet to the rural areas. So everyone can benefit from the internet, and no one is bored at home. 
  • They analyzed the data using Artificial Intelligence software and data analytics software to understand the customer’s needs. So that they can offer services according to the customer’s requirements in the pandemic and post covid situation.

Final Words 

Coronavirus has a positive and negative impact on the telecom sector. But this industry did its best in that situation. They solved so many problems for the people, so their work didn’t affect them. For remote work, they launched careers from a home data pack. For online learning, they found so much software or applications. They encouraged us to make the online payment to maintain the no-contact rule. They upgrade their data speed. So the telecom industry did very well in the covid situation.