Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts voice messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. Nowadays, it is more than a one-way communication tool. It’s an interactive solution that enables sales and marketing professionals to save time, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. An example of this technology is automated phone surveys, where professional polling organizations place automatic calls to conduct surveys. Respondents are provided survey questions that are answered using DTMF-tone keypad responses. It is also known as “KEY PRESS 1.”

Voice broadcast is an automation marketing technology that makes it easy for anyone to create a personalized and interactive voice broadcast campaign.

We have a web-based Voice broadcasting solution so we can access it remotely.It uses pre-recorded interactive messages and voicemail messages to create marketing leads. Depending on responses from Voice Broadcasting, we provide graphical reports which help in polling, survey, bill reminders, notifications, alerts, feedback, marketing and many more. The solution controls the day and time when you want to send out the broadcast, the frequency of calls, delay time to retries the unanswered calls, and the caller ID number displayed on the receiver’s phone.

Automate your confirmation calls and services instead of relying on a manual call centre. Order confirmation, status updates and tracking a considerable amount of time, energy, and cost make your system work efficiently by auto-generated calls in a cost-effective manner without affecting any fixed investment.


Interactive Voice Response

It can play prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to track responses from the caller and store this information for report analysis. It can also provide the option to the caller for immediate call transfer to a live agent.

Real-Time Reporting

It provides access to real-time data to track the performance of broadcasts. We can view data such as total answered calls, unanswered calls, calls transferred to the agent and much more.

Answering Machine Detection

Detects whether a live person or answering machine has picked up the call. It can then simply hang up the call and reschedule it or put this in the unanswered call.

Detailed Reports and Call Analytics

You get real-time campaign reports, detailed call reports and daily performance reports for each Voice Broadcasting campaign. This report provides call information broken into different call statuses, call counts,%of calls, etc.


A Multi-Tenant voice broadcasting solution can handle multiple customers (tenants) with a single software instance. Even though every customer has a dedicated PBX, they all share the same asterisk instance. Using a single instance for all customers’ cuts down operating costs significantly.

Web-based system

This voice broadcast is web-based which provides remote access to the solution. A web-based application can be accessed through the web browser. The solution and database reside on the personal server rather than installed on the desktop system and are accessed remotely.

Customized caller ID

you can set a single caller id to many contact lists or use dynamic caller id for different contact lists.

Customized message

can customize the voice message per contact list or business marketing group. It impresses the client.


Manage sites in different languages than the default language

Call Recording

you can easily upload the prerecorded voice message or record a new message using the solution.

Why choose Our solution

We have a professional and experienced team who dedicatedly work to provide the best solution to our customers. Our intelligent VB solution has many benefits that will increase your business productivity, increase efficiency, cut cost, save time and better customer experience. It helps to generate leads and revenue and an effective strategy for improving customer engagement and satisfaction.