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Gventure Technology built the best video conferencing software equipped with a definite set of open source technologies using XMPP protocol for real-time messaging, which gives an excellent facility to develop a wide range of instant messaging applications or software.

It is a scientific proving fact that communication is more effective when you see the person during conversation. Face to face communication is more important and gives the best communication result in comparison to only audio communication. That’s why video conferencing is the most popular way to interact online from one place to another through the various uses of video conferencing tools for a real-time presence and messaging. Companies want to reduce the travel expense to attend a meeting with the employee, so most of the companies now used video conferencing software to create a Virtual Room for a meeting which is more reliable, convenient and affordable video conferencing chat solutions by using video conferencing tools. Gventure Technology Pvt. Ltd. Offers a wide variety of video conferencing software solutions which can easily serve a modern workplace room through the use of modern technological advancements. Gventure Technology has:


Energetic Developer Team:

We have an energetic, dedicated developer’s team, who are well-versed, experienced to develop a multiple types of video conferencing software with high quality.


Product Excellence:

A high quality products are the best feature of Gventure Technology, where you get an advanced version video conferencing software chat solutions for a countless number of Projects.


High Quality, Video Conferencing Software Solutions for everyone:

Gventure has a numerous an advanced video conferencing solutions which has equipped with a multiple open source projects using XMPP Protocol using real-time messaging, presence and collaboration of the projects.



  • We provide excellent video conferencing software, which facilitate and host online meetings to anyone.
  • Better high quality camera, audio-video instruments equipped video conferencing software at the best affordable prices.
  • Our End-to-end video conferencing tools which is well structured design, using the high quality audio-video tools to provide highly secure network during performing video conferencing from one place to another places with highly secure, reliable, more comprehensive, and overall high quality experiences to the participators.
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems like Ubuntu, UNIX, Debian GNU/Linux, Domain OS etc.

A Video Conferencing Software able to get employee interaction when they’re in remote and doing work from home. It shows an advancement of technology in our all video conferencing chat software solutions. Most of the business now uses video conferencing software to get real time messaging between employees, conduct meetings without any doubt about technical issues, cost etc. Various reports have been founded that when a person can’t connect in a physical way, then video conferencing software is the most suitable way to connect and facilitate video conferencing with co-workers. Mostly see, when the meeting is held only audio-format, then it couldn’t create an interactive session and participators have an unequal experience related to the meetings, which do not able to give a productive result.


Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Solutions for Live Virtual Meeting at any Device:

Gventure Technology is a market leader in the field of offering the best video conferencing software. We have developed a wide array of high quality video conferencing software to meet online of the persons for various purposes. Our Affordable Cloud based Video Conferencing Solutions allow hosting meeting for multiple types of businesses. Companies clearly know if they can conduct online meeting if employee couldn’t able to attend in a physical way, so where video conferencing play an important role which is more collaborative, then they can increase more profit, it is because if all participates and clarify the meeting agenda deeply, then it contributes more increase in the profit in the terms of understandability, efficiency, productivity. So during organizing any meeting between the employees, they require the best video conferencing software to conduct a virtual meeting, which is more profit-oriented for those people who don’t able to attend a meeting in the physical way. They always use our video conferencing chat software to improve comfortable and productive meetings. Our Cloud Video Conferencing Software helps:

  • Improve decision-making capability with hassle free communication
  • High productive meetings between the persons.
  • Cost-effective in the terms of reducing employee travel , real-estate cost
  • Improve a strong trust across cross-functional & diverse team
  • Increase knowledge sharing among employee, partners as well as customers.


Increasing trends in Cloud based video conferencing:

You already know the video conferencing provides a countless opportunities to businesses. Whether this is the latest technique to make collaboration among workers, across departments & locations, conducting an interview for job applicants etc. Video Conferencing meeting is becoming more popular in the recent years because it is giving a high comfortable away Gventure delivers a high quality cloud based video conferencing software solutions which has proven an excellent track record in the field of technology, and gives a high rate contribution for the various industries to create an interactive virtual live session between an employee, partners and customers attend a hassle free virtual world for the business. In Our Cloud based Video Conference Software, You get an advanced unique features include HD Webcams, clearest sound instruments during online gathering. There are a numerous reasons which are increasing the use of video conferencing:

  • It connects an interactive live session between team.
  • It helps to reduce travelling cost of the employee.
  • It maximizes the productivity and profit.
  • It ensures a sustained competitive advantage.
  • It creates an efficient environment during live virtual meeting.


Real time messaging experience which shows online presence instead of physical presence.

Video Conferencing services come into some different types; some of the important flavor of video conferencing is as follows:


Traditional On-Premise Video Conferencing:

On Premise Video Conferencing puts a complete control on your every gear in your system. It permits to gather in a spacious meeting room, group or clients, but this is heavy hardware and also hard on your pocket. You have full control on all types of arrangement on your own system by your IT Professional team. Traditional On-Premise Video Conferencing is fully secured during your gathering or meetings.


Web Conferencing:

Web Conferencing is mostly used by the small business group which offers a video element to get web-based meeting room services. In the simpler words, we can say that “Web Conferencing is an online service by which you can attend live meetings, do conferencing, presentations and training over the internet. You easily conduct a web conferencing meeting through by telephone, computer’s speaker and microphone by using a VOIP Based Solution.


Cloud based Video Conferencing:

Cloud based Video Conferencing offers an excellent advantage during the use of cloud based video conferencing to conduct online meetings. You get a lot of amazing features in the cloud based video conferencing as compared to another way of video conferencing which is typically more secure, higher quality and also cut the hardware costs.



Gventure Technology is a market leader because we offer profit-oriented, customized & affordable video conferencing solutions. Our device-agnostic approach and total interoperability approach fits in any organization, which helps to increase your business productivity and maintain a good business health and benefits.

  • Reduces travel, hardware costs.
  • Works with standard-video equipment
  • Easy to use, instant deployment
  • High Quality Audio-Video equipment
  • Able to run interactive live session, meetings
  • Profit Mark Video Conferencing Software


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