Things You Should Know About White Label Cloud Pbx

Everyone depends on the internet. If the internet stops working for one day, our lives become so hard. Because we are very used to it. Our work, education, lifestyle, etc., everything thing is online. We also store our data, like photos, videos, files, important documents, etc., in the cloud to take backup whenever we lose our data. The white-label cloud PBX system works the same as the cloud backup. It stores all the customer information about their personal and professional details. Cloud technology is very affordable, so cloud PBX white label as well. 

What do you know about white label cloud PBX?

It is based on the internet and accessible through the internet. Rather than hosting through software or server, it depends on the cloud. 


The provider of the white label PBX is responsible for giving the housing PBX equipment and phone services. You are connected through a router, and all calls handle through the server present at the location.

PBX systems process incoming calls and route them to different extensions. Depending on your chosen features, your phone system can handle call transfers between employees and provide voicemail services. A call flow is a collection of rules a user defines in addition to their system’s communication-related features. Certain details such as time limits, caller ID names, and custom ring tones are just some aspects in which it makes sense to customize your PBX’s call flow.

What are the other names?

  • A hosted phone system 
  • Hosted PBX
  • Virtual phone system 
  • Virtual PBX 
  • VoIP phone system 
  • VoIP PBX 
  • Online phone system
  •  IP (Internet Protocol) PBX

Cloud PBX white label VS Traditional PBX

  • The main difference between both is that cloud PBX doesn’t need physical hardware, and traditional PBX has the hardware on the business location.
  • You are responsible for setting and installing the PBX phone system and upgrading and maintaining it from time to time. Because they need expertise for everything. On the other hand, cloud-based systems maintenance and upgrade through the internet.
  • You have to predefine the size of the PBX, so that means it is not flexible, but the cloud system is scalable. You may change the size according to your need.
  • Hosted PBX white-label use pay per seat. For example, if you have 40 employees, you pay the amount of server space and infrastructure used via employees. But in other systems, you pay according to the usage. 

Wrap Up: 

Now, you know about both the phone system, so you have a good knowledge to select from them. A cloud PBX solution is scalable to handle your call needs at any given moment and pay-per-usage. Choose this kind of a system if you’re either starting up or expanding your company.

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