Quick Working Procedure of a Voice Broadcast Dialer within an Organization

The most popular and in-demand solution for calling a large number of individuals to deliver a message is a voice broadcast dialer. Record the desired voice message, enter the landline and cell numbers the organization wants to be called, and then hit submit. All members of the list will receive voice calls containing the pre-recorded message. The company can call thousands of clients by simply pushing a button from the online panel.

How does an autodialer operate within an organization?

To record and launch a voice broadcast using a phone auto dialer, follow these steps:

  1. Create a phone list. 
  2. Prepare the desired message
  3. Set the broadcast parameters
  4. Then begin voice broadcasting


  • Create a phone list

Simply enter phone numbers and addresses in the spreadsheet by clicking the BroadcastByPhone icon. The call list can also be copied and pasted from spreadsheet software, like excel spreadsheets, or anyone can transfer an existing database using the File -> Import option.

  •  Prepare the desired message

    An organization can make a recording of the message using a phone. Choose Designer > Record Audio by phone from the program’s main menu to do this. To capture the messages, adhere to the on-screen directions. Comparing this recording method to others, it produces the highest sound quality and typically doesn’t require any editing work.

  • One may record using a microphone. They use recording software to record the message. To create an a.wav file, save the recorded File. The recording file parameters must be PCM 8 kHz, 16 bit, and Mono must be the recording file parameters.

Alternatively, create an audio file using Text-to-Speech. Choose Designer > Create Audio By Text-to-Speech from the program’s main menu. To produce the audio File, adhere to the instructions on the screen. Please be aware that the TTS engine will determine the audio quality.

  • Alternately, hire a reputable recording studio. These days, this is not a pricey choice. If anyone wants to look for “voice talent” then search on Google, there are many options. 

Two crucial points:

1) Request that the audio files be saved as.wav files and utilize the recommended settings.

2) Request a loud recording volume. Phone loudness typically has lower settings than computer speakers.

  • Audio Format Conversion:- It is necessary to convert an audio file if it already exists but is in a separate file format. Converting audio formats is possible with many audio programs. Utilize File> Properties in Microsoft Sound Recorder if the company using it. Select recording formats in the format conversion window, then click Convert Now. Select 8.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono in the Sound Attributes box. Select OK.


  • Set the broadcast parameters:-  Voice broadcast the main menu > Broadcast Options dialogue window is where broadcast options are set. Parameters include autosave frequency, maximum retry if a call is dropped, and good broadcast time. The organization has the choice to save it either per call list or per user. 
  • Then begin voice broadcasting:- Choose Broadcast > Start/Schedule from the program’s main menu. By selecting the search option, choose the audio file that was recorded.

To begin, click the OK button.

Lastly, voice broadcast software uses Max channel dialing and IVR setup for answered calls. Thus, the voice broadcasting system can save time and all humans. In addition to providing business clients with a flawless IVR and allowing them to hear a lovely, energizing voice, GVenture Technology also saves time by eliminating manual dialing and allowing their customer service representatives to unwind.

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