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PHP Development

One third of the entire applications on the web are based on PHP.

PHP is open source, meaning that everyone has free access to the source code and can use it for their own development purposes. A key advantage of the open source model is that you avoid vendor lock-in.
There has been an enormous increase in PHP adoption and many large web applications have been developed in PHP.

Top Features of PHP

Platform Independence

PHP is a platform independent language and therefore it enables operation across various operating systems. In other words, websites developed in PHP can be hosted on nearly all the web-servers available in the market.

Easy CMS Integration

PHP as a programming language supports most of the popular content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. Thus if a developer wants to update the existing website and power it further with the additional capabilities of an efficient CMS, PHP ensures easy integration of the same.

 Easy Integration

PHP runs on practically any platform – not only on Linux, but also, for example, on Windows, UNIX, and IBM’s System.  In addition, because PHP seamlessly integrates with other technologies (e.g. Java), we can re-use your current software components. This is a major benefit, as no re-development is required for the existing software.


PHP also offers great flexibility during and after the initial project. This is important, since functionality often changes during a project’s lifetime. A great thing about PHP is that we can implement changes even after starting development, without losing valuable time.

Availability of resources

By resources, we mean two things. First, thanks to the popularity of PHP, the number of (usually free) resources online and offline is continuously growing. No matter what your needs are, it is very likely that someone has already developed something very similar, be it related to frameworks, CMS, blogs, eCommerce, or something else. You might even find someone in the PHP community willing to help you.

Why PHP?
  • Open Source
  • Easy To Develop
  • Ease Manageable
  • Cost Effective
  • Database Flexibility
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