Opensip(Kamailio) Solution Development

OpenSip is an open-source sip signalling server that uses application-level functionality. One of the unique features of the open sip is that it uses hashing algorithms for load balance. It handles tens of thousands of cps, millions of simultaneous calls and many more.


  • High availability and redundancy

  • Reliability and high performance

  • Robust and convenient load balancing with failover

  • High performing Registrar server, Location server, Proxy server and Redirect server

  • Plug and play module interface to extend the server’s functionality

  • Multi-homed and multi-domain support

  • Flexible and powerful scripting language for routing logic

  • Load balancing with failover

  • Least cost routing

  • Standard databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Berkeley, flat files, etc

OpenSip Services:

  • Installation

  • Configurations

  • Custom module development

  • Custom scripting

  • Feature configurations

  • Support services

OpenSip Solutions:

We provide open sip solutions as per client requirements. It can be a small or medium, or large enterprise.

  • Application server development

  • Virtual PBX solution

  • Front end load balancer

  • Call centre solutions

Why choose us:

We have highly skilled developers and an excellent technical support team in the latest telecom technologies. Our focus is on how our service can enhance your business. We value our client relationships, and this is evident in the quality of service we provide.

  • 24*7 support

  • On-time delivery

  • High work quality

  • Cost efficiency