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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows your organizations to interact with customers through voice and DTMF tones via keypad without human assistance. By automating the call process, IVR systems allow your customers to serve themselves, thereby bringing in enterprise-level business communication standards.

GVenture offers both inbound and outbound IVR solutions. With GVenture’s inbound IVR, you can automate routine transactions and capture and analyze customer data. GVenture’s outbound IVR solution allows businesses to send customers appointment reminders, shipment notifications, account activations, surveys, refills and reorders, and closing announcements. GVenture’s inbound and outbound solutions deliver personalized customer interaction by customizing solutions based on customer needs. The IVR technology uses touch-tone or speech-recognition programs to answer customer questions, handle their requests or point them in the right direction. This is all done without the need for the customer to speak directly with an employee.


Outbound IVR Overview:


  • Increase outbound call center revenues
  • Eliminate awkward delays when agents greet customers
  • Boost agent productivity with predictive dialing
  • Comply with Government regulations
  • Keep costs in line with revenue opportunities
  • Easily add agents to the system, whether office-based or virtual

GVenture’s solutions for outbound call centers help you keep costs in line with revenue opportunities, quickly kick start sales and fundraising campaigns and track outcomes with reports. Increase your agents’ productivity with predictive dialer technology and comply with government regulations through intelligent call suppression.



  1. Connect before Customer response:

Since customers never wait for an agent to start the call, our solution is designed to connect with the customers. This helped us to reduce telltale pause and delayed hello from legacy predictive dialers. Calls will start more naturally, and agents will have the most productive conversations. And this will translate into higher revenues. Outbound contact centers can also easily comply with government regulations. Our outbound dialer also supports all types of dialing methods, such as predictive, preview (timed and untimed), and progressive.

  1. Track performance and Reporting:

Track sales campaigns’ performance with Reporting and Analytics. Outbound contact centers can quickly assess if they’re meeting the goals they set for their business with Analytical/Graphical reporting, real-time dashboards, and Pin-Point analytics. Raw data can be exported for further analysis in Microsoft Excel or other reporting tools.

  1. Easy to manage Agents:

With GVenture’s IVR platform, it’s easy to add more agents to your system regardless of where they live. Because our system operates in the cloud, your agents can work from home or halfway around the world and quickly connect to our system with login credentials assigned to them. There is an admin panel where you can manage work from home/office, manage login details, and add/delete agents. You can also monitor agent performance by their login/logout timing on the login panels.

Inbound IVR Overview:

  • Build interactive relationships customers love
  • Service fluctuating call volumes with on-demand scalability
  • Expand your workforce to any location
  • Identify callers and route them to the suitable agents
  • Analyze customer interactions and boost call center productivity
  • Support for multiple inbound contact center channels

GVenture’s solutions for inbound call centers help you deliver outstanding customer experiences. You’ll have the tools you need to connect callers with suitable agents immediately, scale capacity when inbound call center volumes spike, and boost agents’ productivity while enabling quick first contact resolution.


  1. Identify callers and route them to the suitable agents:

Our intelligent routing solution means that callers are quickly matched to the qualified agents who can serve them best. You can direct callers to agents based on agents’ skills and experience levels by defining priority in the panel. You’ll see an increase in efficient call resolution and satisfied customers daily.

  1. Customized Panel Solution:

Our development team on this solution will help us customize the existing panel to any level that better suits the customer’s requirements. We can help with technical details in the panel by which you can use the complete panel efficiently.

  1. Integrated with Caller Details:

We have developed both our IVR solution so that it is tightly integrated and built to provide callee details immediately after a call landed to the call center agent. That means agents won’t need to request a customer’s account number or phone number repeatedly.

  1. Support for multiple inbound call center channels:

This helps to have various inbound calls running from a single DID. Hence the business will shoot up profit margins as low input costs will maximize the call center agents.

  1. Manage Call Center Agents on-demand:

Our solution allows you to scale the number of agents required for daily operations quickly. In case you are having the fluctuating presence of agents inside the call center. You can do these changes on-demand basis. On-demand scalability implies that your hold times are reduced, the inbound contact center’s service levels improve, and customers are delighted.

service levels improve, and customers are delighted.

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