Information About White Label Freeswitch Dialer

FreeSWITCH is an actual communications program that operates on one or more platforms and supports video and VoIP. It works on Linux, Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD servers, as well as macOS and FreeBSD. White label FreeSWITCH dialer is used to create PBX systems, IVR services, video conferencing platforms, and interaction stations with chat and screen sharing capabilities. 

Many widely marketed FreeSWITCH-based IP PBX server equipment use it as their primary component. FreeSWITCH can manage audio, video, and text communications across an IP network (VoIP) and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).


  • A FreeSWITCH dialer white label can accommodate a more significant load for the same underlying hardware, leading to more efficient physical resources.
  • Very helpful in multi-tenant installations where each tenant or client receives a separate IP PBX element.
  • Clustering capabilities are used to divide processes into functions. One server, for example, may handle conferencing, another the IVR, and yet another the primary call management function.
  • The white label FreeSWITCH autodialer was built to give each call complete control over its resources, while core functionality manages shared resources using a tiered API.
  • One of the most appealing features of the FreeSWITCH auto dialer white label is its versatility. It might be used as a library in your apps. It might be administered as a Windows service by your IT department.
  • FreeSWITCH is also open source, which is a huge plus. That implies there will undoubtedly be a wealth of material, forums, and other types of help available online.
  • The FreeSWITCH auto dialer white label is capable of supporting businesses of any size.
  • This is a compelling reason for businesses to use FreeSWITCH over competing products.



  • In terms of processor and memory needs, white-label FreeSWITCH dialer Has a more significant server impact than Asterisk.
  • The open-source support infrastructure does not compare to that of Asterisk.
  • In comparison to Asterisk, the number of end device templates available is minimal.

Goals of Freeswitch:

  • Extensibility – The ability to add new functionalities.
  • Flexibility- Users should be able to select and choose the features they want to use and replace elements of the system with various implementations.
  • Scalability – The FreeSWITCH dialer white label can run on systems as tiny as an embedded virtual appliance and as large as a cluster of comprehensive carrier switches.
  • Stability – Issues with a single function should not bring the entire system down.



The white label FreeSWITCH auto dialer conceals within it a strong arsenal of components and tools. For many corporations, these developed series of characteristics are perfect for their wants. When used in combination with widely viable IP PBX equipment, advanced phone and video capabilities, and vendor-specific compatibility certifications, FreeSWITCH dialer white label

has become a compelling alternative for many enterprises.

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