Impact on IT Sector during Covid’s Situation

The COVID – 19 Pandemic has caused serious changes in many industries, and the Information Technology (IT) industry is big among them. The negative impacts at the time of this situation are more set side by side to positive effects.

Impact of corona on IT industry:-

The instability of the IT industry is facing now due to the fall in the economy, as different companies are mandatory to ask their employees to work from home on the account of public health burden.

The COVID-19 situation has affected organizations across the globe and in India; a few organizations are struggling to maintain a regular top line and manage with lower working capital. Employee’s health and safety are given utmost importance. Decreased travel across sectors meant that organizations have to accept new ways of working, including WFH (Work From Home). So we can say that every IT company faces many difficulties but the IT industry supports in various sectors in Covid situation.

How are SAAS and remote working helpful in covid?

SAAS stands for Software as a service. SAAS technology is doing great in Covid’s situation. Many companies are using SAAS. SAAS bond inclination Management, discharge conclusion of their current survey presenting the security burden of cloud.  SaaS applications become more essential for enabling remote workers. More than 200 IT preservation specialists were surveyed, and two-thirds (66%) of organizations have faith that their operation, a public SAAS utilization, would motivate the considerable gap to their business should there be a collapse.

Due to Covid-19, IT groups go all out to handle up with big adjustments to day-to-day action.

How used Online meeting platform in covid-19?

Covid-19 increases the use of online platforms, because we can’t meet physically so generally all are using online meet applications. Most of the people changed over to Zoom, skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and many more for online meetings completed through VoIP solutions. Nowadays online meetings are an essential part of day-to-day work life.

The coronavirus gave the lesson for everyone that we can do work remotely, and the IT industry helped us to do work from home easily.

The IT industry developed a lot of software for attending online meetings, and because of them, our work did not affect us.

Online meeting platforms are used for education and every student does their study at home without any loss.

Ecommerce and online delivery platform:-

In Covid situation ecommerce businesses are growing like never then before and they also increase the revenue . The use of e-commerce or online delivery platforms has increased in Covid. Because we are stuck at our place so we shop from the online platform, e-commerce sites have an important role in Covid’s situation. We got our daily necessary things online. They helped us in this crucial situation. As more and more consumers discover the assistance of e-commerce, interest in product quality and security will likely dissipate.


The IT sector has an important role in the pandemic, nearly the entire world’s population turning to them. The pandemic has prepared the path for unbelievable growth in the online media and entertainment industry. People must keep themselves busy when they are required to stay indoors and maintain social distance from others. So, online platforms helped us.