How To Start A Business With FreeSwitch Dialer?

The most powerful communication infrastructure is the FreeSWITCH dialer, which is an open-source platform. It is a high-performance telecom application. It is a dependable telephone platform that can support a variety of codecs, platforms, video, audio, texts, multimedia, and more. Our expertise can unlock the unrivaled potential of FreeSWITCH technology to create a variety of voice and messaging apps. We provide the best alternative for any form of FreeSWITCH development solution you’re looking for. The scalability and feature set of FreeSWITCH make it ideal for use as the foundation of a strong enterprise PBX phone system.

Uses of Freeswitch Auto dialer:

  • It excels at creating wholesale VoIP and multi-tenant VoIP solutions. Call routing services can benefit from a variety of capabilities provided by the Freeswitch autodialer.
  • FreeSWITCH may act as a bridge between the SIP network and desktop, tablet, and smartphone applications and browsers.
  • Broadcasting with a FreeSWITCH dialer is a WebRTC Gateway that can accept encrypted media from browsers, transform it, and send it to other communication networks using various codecs and encryptions.
  • In recent years, a video conferencing program has become a must-have for enterprises. Video conferencing programs benefit organizations in a variety of ways, whether it’s for client meetings, employee meetings, decision-making, or anything else. So FreeSWITCH dialer helps to create this type of software.
  • Voice Broadcasting with FreeSWITCH dialer technology is used to create voicemail systems. We employ technology to integrate a number of choices into your voicemail application, such as a visual display to set up menus, support for multiple telephone lines, recorded messages, voicemail notification, email delivery, call back assistance, and so on. We can create a variety of voicemail applications to meet the demands of various enterprises.
  • We use Freeswitch in Call centers. A reliable and complete telephony platform is essential, and Voice Broadcasting with Freeswitch dialer provides a flexible, scalable, and maintainable solution for call centers of all sizes.
  • With FreeSWITCH, there’s no shortage of options. If your solution causes the creation of a customized application, FreeSWITCH offers many development choices for call control and routing.

Freeswitch is an excellent choice for residential areas:

  • It’s simple to integrate into low-power devices.
  • It allows for simple end-user device settings for residential networks.
  • There were conventional voicemail services available.
  • For things like Unified Communications, it includes unique scripting options.
  • It offers advanced voicemail options and an audio navigation system with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


FreeSWITCH dialer is real-time communication, WebRTC, telephony, video, and Voice over Internet Protocol application server that is free and open source. In FreeSWITCH, a developer can design a bespoke dialer application that uses real-time data from a core switch database to drive the logic. We develop FreeSWITCH dialer applications according to your needs. We will provide the best services. You can try our services. We are very affordable to develop any systems.

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