Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Asterisk Solution

Asterisk is the most widely used open-source communication tool. Developers use Asterisk as a framework because they can build any communication application that they can imagine. It comes with hundreds of pre-built components that cover the complicated, low-level aspects of voice, video, and text conversations. Asterisk solution is used in many applications such as custom IP PBX, automatic call distributors, voicemail, conference calls, and more. It is good for small or large companies, government agencies, and call centers worldwide. Asterisk VoIP solution became the basis of a complete business phone system.

Things you should know about the asterisk Softswitch solution.

  • If an asterisk solution is made in the right manner, it has many features such as call queuing, voicemails, call conferencing, Interactive voice response, music on hold, etc.
  • It can be integrated with many other business applications to make a customizable communication system. It is flexible, so we can create many applications by using this.
  • Basically, it is installed in the Linux operating system, but it can also be installed in the Windows operating system.
  • It does not need any hardware equipment to work. It can work on a regular PC and use telephony equipment. It supports three-way calling and enhances the existing phone system. 
  • A single VoIP provider can be used for incoming and outgoing calls. There are more than one million users worldwide using asterisk unified communication solutions.
  • If developers want to develop applications by using this, they should know about Linux, script programming, networking, and telephony.
  • This is used in different industries on different software-based PBX and FreePBX. FreePBX, that name implies free, open-source software.



  • It is open-source. If you want to work with an active open-source platform, the version can move quickly. If you want to implement an asterisk, you need to be up to date all the time. If you don’t use the solution for one year, you can face challenges. 
  • In the market many packages are available for Asterisk. Which is right for your business? That can be a challenge. 
  • If you want to configure the solution, you require a technical expert in this field. Because it is difficult to understand. It is cost-effective, but when you have the right skills to configure it.
  • The major challenge faced by the customer is the call quality. If the internet speed is good, then you will get high-quality calls. An asterisk may offer your organization high-quality phone service, but it’s critical to invest upfront time and money in setup and network equipment.


The advantages of the Asterisk solution are numerous, and it should be used for your next corporate phone system. Proper planning will result in long-term savings and stable corporate features that function correctly, allowing you to focus on your business.