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Fax Broadcast


Fax broadcast has ability to distribute a single fax to more than one person or group at the same time. Traditional fax machine can scan a document and broadcast it to multiple recipient but it has problem when you need to send same or multiple document to hundreds or thousands of recipient at same time. Our fax broadcast is the solution to overcome this problem. Being distributed it improves the quality of document. We provide customize, responsive, high performance web based solution with latest web technology which provide fast load time, scalability, robustness to our solution. It is useful from individual through to small or medium and large enterprises. It is useful for business of all sizes and budget.


Usage of Fax Broadcast

  • Promotion and advertisement: promote or update new product and services to customer. For example press releases, newsletter, special offers, invitation, etc.
  • Airlines, cruise operators and hotels: Special announcement, last-minute promotions to thousands of travel agents, notification to hotel staff or customer.
  • Meal Services: Promote Meal menus and weekly specials dishes to local offices that have signed up to receive them.


It has very simple steps to send Fax

  • Upload your contact list/ leads
  • Upload your fax document
  • Send your fax



  • Multi-tenant: A Multi-Tenant Fax broadcasting solution is able to handle multiple customers (tenants) with a single instance of the software. Each user can manage, monitor, and run multiple campaigns separately and independently.
  • DIDs: Use single or dynamic caller Id for single or multiple campaign.
  • Upload Contact: Upload or import the contact list in .csv and excel format.
  • Easy billing: Provide easy billing features to user
  • Schedule fax: Schedule fax deliveries for a certain day and time or for off-peak hours overnight.
  • Low balance: Notify when balance is low before broadcasting or during live broadcast.
  • Monitoring and Tracking: Track the live broadcast and display particular campaign with success, processing or failure status.
  • Reporting: A detail report is available after delivery of fax broadcast.


Why choose our Fax Broadcast

We are the reliable partner to help you to grow your business. Our product and services are scalable, cost effective, and rich in functionality and offer the numbers of benefits to our customers. Schedule the fax delivery features provide high flexibility to user. We have sent millions of faxes per day with higher success rate. We also provide support to our user for best experience of services. Our dedicated support team is always available for assistance.

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