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When it involves selecting the appropriate PBX system to use for your business, there are varieties of things concerned that may bend your conclusion toward employing a specific system. A free hosted PBX solution is the need of the time. The most efficient things to get a handle of those factors are to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the various sorts of PBX systems that are offered.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a multiline telephone system, for the most part, used within businesses, which allows users to communicate internally as well as making calls outside of the business, in simplest terms. In the first place, a hosted PBX usually comes with options that permit unlimited free calls to be placed to assure locations around the globe. Also, not like associate degree on-the-spot IP PBX, there are not any initial investment prices for equipment and software solution. Well, looking at the benefits of a free hosted PBX solution for your business some of them are listed below.

Costs: With a hosted PBX, cut the value of line rental, on-the-spot maintenance, etc. As everything is managed over Broadband, there’s no line rental at all! Moreover, as this, IP telecom train you in our online web-portal, thus you’ll be ready to manage your system moreover as implement any changes to call flows or ring teams as required. It’s additionally cheaper to form international calls through VoIP.

Flexibility & Scalability: Distinctive proprietary phone systems are all too easy to outgrow as they only provide a certain number of physical lines or ports. Upgrading can be time-consuming and expensive. It is a lot easier to grow your business with a Hosted PBX, and IP Telecom will help you every step of the way to ensure any growth is seamless and easily implemented.

Integration: As your voice traffic is all done through your Broadband connection, any device with a data connection will be used anyplace within the world to create and receive calls. This suggests that you just will install soft-phone applications on your mobile or a desktop.

More Control: An IP PBX system is managed from one central web-based configuration interface to create maintenance and upgrades straightforward. Compare that to ancient phone systems that use advanced interfaces that have got to be accessed and managed by proprietary phone technicians solely.

No disruption in business setup: An IP PBX phone system runs on a computer without the requirement for complex telecommunication equipment or added copper wiring to be run into your office. Instead, the phone lines are routed over the internet. The IP PBX system switches local calls to over the information network within your business and permits all users to share identical external phone lines. You even get to stay your regular phone numbers.

Boost to Productivity: IP PBX phone systems generally cost less than traditional systems. However, they additionally deliver the options to extend workplace productivity. This concept extends to remote operating too.

Loads of New Features: A Hosted PBX comes with a variety of options that may build running your business a lot easier such as Calling Features, Call Management & Reporting, Call Centre Features, etc.

If you own a business or enterprise, give us a call. We will do an assessment of your needs and make a proposal that fits your requirements and budget. GVenture’s Free GPBX- a free hosted PBX solution is a best in class PBX system and is worth considering.

Gventure’s free GPBX Solution provides latest features and functionality with affordable price. Features we tend to give to our clients are:

3rd Party CRM Integration: End-to-end customer engagement with all the sales, marketing, and support apps your customer-facing teams need to engage with customers.

Hosted IVR: To answer the callers and assist those with the correct solution or call transfer, install machine-based IVR.

ACD PBX: Answer the call automatically to greet the customers and offer a customizable pre-recorded menu while your attendants are busy on other calls by a digital receptionist.

Inbuilt Billing: Bill anything and everything with billing software offer real-time rating & mediations, accurate taxation, prepaid & post-paid telecom billing, multi-location billing, residential & business telecom billing, and more comprehensive & scalable telecom billing platform.

Graphical & Statistical Report: The Whole host of graphical representations as well as statistics available plus, assess your current team resources utilisation at a glance.

DID Management: A number of extensions can be customized, manage and maintain on the same phone line. Music on Hold Configuration: Playing music, current offers, etc. to keep your call entertained even on hold make more business.

API Integration: API integration allows to easily generating automated workflows to help you sell, deliver, manage, and invoice more effectively.

Gventure provides a free hosted PBX Solution which is known as Free GPBX. A cloud-hosted Business Phone System that carries all the potential features of traditional VoIP Phone along with the extraordinary advantages of the cloud. Get this in action and see the business connecting to the globe, like never before.


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