An event that has a special place in our heart

Every employee has a hectic schedule in their daily life, and sometimes it is so important to take a break from regular work. So, our organization has arranged an event for the 15 August. This event is helpful to cheer up the employees, and after this kind, employees become more productive and get more energy to do their work. 

As said,” The best therapy is taking a break from routine.”

We came to the office on 12 August because there was a weekend, so we celebrated independence day on 12 August. When we entered the office, we saw that the office was decorated with balloons, flags, and the independent day slogan. Every employee was thrilled with the decoration and got a positive vibe. 

We did our office work in the first half, and the event was held in the second half. Our company arranged a special lunch for us. The variety of dishes available such as Chole-Kulche, Idli- Sambhar, Pao-Bhaji, Ice-cream, Gulabjamun, Manchurian, Chowmien, etc. The food taste was marvelous and unforgettable.

The event started at 3 PM with the national anthem and paid tribute to our martyrs by keeping a silence of 2 minutes. We had speeches from our CEO Mr. Vikas Kumar, who talked about his journey, how he started the company, and future goals that he wants to achieve in the next 10 years. We were overwhelmed by his speech. 

Afterward, the organizers divided the employees into four teams, and team names were Doremon, Shenzhen, Ninja Hattori, and Chota Bheem for fun. Everyone was so excited about the games.

The first game was to make pyramids with cups, and every team started to create strategies on how they could win this game, and then the game began. It is obvious that one team won the game, so Ninja Hattori won this game. And many games are held, such as recognizing the celebrity from his childhood photo, lemon & spoon race, food competition, bucket ball, balloon blast, guess the song, musical chairs, and many more. Every game is a different level of fun, and all become children, forgetting all kinds of stress and enjoying that moment. After the games finished, we danced.

Dancing was the last thing we did on that, and this event gave me a lot of memories to remember. There are a lot of events coming around because festival season coming around. 

As said, “Why people hold onto memories is because memories are the only things that don’t change when everyone else does”.