7 Things You should know about Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialling is a technique for making many automated outbound calls with no employees. It then assigned agents to calls that have been answered. To meet corporate objectives, a computer makes dialling choices based on particular algorithms. A Predictive Dialer is an outbound automated dialer that improves agent productivity by calling numbers early and connects only answered calls to agents in a contact centre campaign. It employs a machine-learning system that evaluates responses to calls, dropped calls, the number of active agents, and other call parameters before adjusting the dialling speed.

Working of Predictive Dialer:

The predictive dialer uses sophisticated techniques to estimate how long an agent would be on a call and when the next call should be made. It also considers how many calls it should do, considering the call drop ratio for that specific campaign and other statistical information. It can adjust the frequency of calls or the dial ratio based on pre-defined factors, such as the number of agents available, the number of lines operational, and the average time an agent spends on a call. They called calls at a fixed rate or at a rate determined by factors such as agent availability or previous call duration.

Essential things about Predictive Dialers:


  • Predictive dialers save time by eliminating the need for agents to physically dial numbers. When this technology was first launched, the banking industry used it mainly for debt collection.
  • Using predictive dialer software, you may significantly increase the number of calls you make each day.
  • The platform is ideal for every business owner looking for the most effective approach to contact additional consumers.
  • You had wanted to reach a wider audience and close more sales.
  • The agents do not waste their time on unanswered calls and nasty calls. They can use this time to close the sales.
  • Because this is a continuous operation, each call has no wait time. It dials numbers in a few seconds before an agent finishes a call, allowing the agent to go on to the next call without waiting.
  • Predictive dialers in the cloud provide call centres more flexibility while also lowering expenses. The capacity to save client calling information in the cloud and access it over the web and from any location is a significant benefit of predictive cloud dialers.


A predictive dialer is suitable for a business for getting more leads. A predictive dialer system is a safe bet to boost quality and performance at your business. If you’re trying to bring your outbound call centre’s operations up to date and increase the time your employees spend engaging with prospects. If you are searching for a solution to your problems for your business, then VoIP predictive dialer is one of them. It is one of the best services for customer support. 

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