6 Important Uses of White Label Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer, like auto-dialers and robo-dialers, is an outbound calling machine that automatically dials from a list of phone numbers. A predictive dialer makes calls to numbers before it identifies a link, at which point it transfers the call to a live agent. In call centers, predictive dialers white-label are commonly used. The aim is to stop wasting time listening to phones ring, leaving voicemails, and hanging up on unanswered calls.

The white label Predictive dialers have a special feature that they dial several numbers at the same time. To ensure full agent usage, the target is to call the right number of leads at the right time.

Here are the Some Benefits of White Label Predictive Dialer

  • Achieve the sales expectations- When businesses are used predictive dialer software, they can get more leads and more revenue for their business. When your agents are busy, then this software can answer your calls and record them as well. 
  • Customer Service Improvements- The predictive dialers are intelligent devices, they can place calls at more convenient times than traditional telemarketing calls, which can be inconvenient for prospective customers. Predictive dialer functions such as these can boost customer retention and loyalty.
  • Increased Agent Productivity- It can help to improve the productivity of the agents. It has many significant features for the agents. They can free up an agent’s time by automatically dialing client phone numbers on behalf of the call agent from the telephone log. There will be a call mixing feature, which is a mechanism that helps a call agent to operate efficiently using both inbound and outbound networks with the help of an Automated Call Distribution System (ACD).
  • Operational Costs Have Been Reduced- Operational Costs Have Been reduced because it requires only a few call agents to manage calls when predictive dialers are used in a call center environment.  Call centers’ maintenance costs are reduced because of this.
  • Backup to the server- For every business backup is important because we don’t know when we can lose our data. So having a backup of every work is mandatory for everyone as well as a business also. Cloud predictive dialers’ ability to access any data processed in the cloud at any time and from any location is a game-changer. When some natural disaster happened then on a specific call center, cloud predictive dialers allow call centers to access their customers’ calling details from anywhere. So, this is an excellent feature of a dialer. 
  • Scalability-  A cloud-based predictive dialer is incredibly convenient to scale up and down depending on the call center’s requirements. Since it stores the framework in the cloud, new updates are introduced automatically, and any concerns that occur can be resolved easily.


We mostly used them in telemarketing, in call centers, for market research, data collection and to take the customer’s follow-ups. It is difficult for an agent to take many calls at the same time, but predictive dialers give the best solution for this issue. There are many dialers present for the call centers. You can choose the dialer according to your preference. It reduces the time and efforts of the agents. It is the best technology for a BPO. 

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