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With the FoIP software, the market has been sunk down with a death of the Faxes. FoIP lets you send messages with the help of the internet and VoIP. It generally stands for the FAX over Internet Protocol. With the traditional services of FAX has been declining, and the FoIP is rising. With a lot of features and customization, a FoIP provides a better solution than the traditional FAX machines. Whereas operating the FAX machines are a very tedious task as well as not suited for sending the bulk Faxes’. There are many of the development companies which provide best FoIP solution with the fewer features which can be handy for small businesses.


What is FoIP (Fax Over Internet Protocol) by the way?

A person gets confused with FoIP as it rhymes with VoIP. Also, it sounds like a distant cousin of VoIP. But there’s one similarity between both, VoIP cuts the cost and increases the efficiency of the telecommunication in the same way FoIP does with the FAX machines. Whereas VoIP has their own problems such as packet and loss, latency and jitter and in the same way the FOIP has an issue with stability and Quality of Faxes. VoIP uses Session Initiation protocol to get rid of these issues whereas FoIP has a different protocol, T.38, which ensures the stability and quality of communication in the IP network environment.

From the excerpt taken from Unified Communication, The FAX over Internet Protocol (FoIP) has a T.38 protocol which defines the transport of data (a fax) between PSTN fax terminals through a fax gateway, between two Internet-aware fax terminals, or from a PSTN fax terminal through a fax gateway to an Internet-aware fax terminal.

The FoIP setup is a great deal like the VoIP setup, and you can even send IP faxes utilizing a VoIP server. In any case, since fax requires more transfer speed than a voice, a VoIP server doesn’t consequently work flawlessly to transmit faxes. It regularly requires a few adjustments, which you can make by introducing a bit of programming. A few organizations likewise make servers that are enhanced for both VoIP and free FoIP software.


4 of the features for best FoIP solution

People opted VoIP because it has its own perks such as lower cost, better integration in CTI, reduces cost. But there are few of the features which makes FoIP the best FoIP solution which is:


1. Get rid of those bulky FAX machine

There is no need for a separate device while using the FoIP. The free FoIP software can run from the desktop and laptop or directly as a Web application. This means the Faxes can be sent from any point and from anywhere until and unless you have an internet enabled device. The issue which came along the bulky FAX machines was loading paper, managing paper jams, entering the number and all that tiring work.


2) No need to lease PSTN lines anymore

SIP trunks are way cheaper than taking the lease of the PSTN lines. SIP provides more flexibility when it comes to providing the capacity in the wide area network (WAN) because there is no need of dedicated capacity for each line. Moving to the best FoIP solution means there is no extra burden of wire, devices and it also can be included with the VOIP using the voice, data, and FAX simultaneously with the help of SIP provider.


3) Manage and secure fax communications more easily

Faxes can contain highly confidential information and therefore are subject to industry regulations and requirements (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS) around security and consumer protection. With FoIP, you can centralize the management and security of faxes in your enterprise so you don’t have to worry about the individual security of every fax machine in the office.


4) Extend fax capabilities to everyone in the organization

Documents are very important part of any organization. It makes sense when someone can send this document as a Faxes’ in the email. This means they can be easily accessed from any location and then can be sent and received from any device.

FoIP has far to go before it’s as dependable as conventional telephone line faxing, however, the execution of a continuous IP faxing plan has made it an exceptionally alluring alternative for anyone who sends a ton of long-separate faxes. Much of the time, the cost reserve funds and system reconciliation of FoIP far exceed the drawback of having to every so often resend fax that doesn’t go through.

Now with this extensible feature, there are many of the organization who wants to embed this feature with their best FoIP solutions. The free FoIP software can be easily integrated into any system which makes it ready to use and the one with more features should be tasked with the development companies to embed into the solution.