11 Important Features of FreeSwitch Call Center

FreeSwitch is a Real-Time Communication switching utility that is one of the most reliable in the world. It has a comprehensive feature set, and its modular design allows it to keep ahead of the trend as new technologies arise. FreeSwitch dialer is rich in features. 

Some of the features are following:

  • FreeSwitch’s core functionality is call routing. Call routing services can benefit from a variety of capabilities provided by FreeSwitch. When we talk about call routing, we’re referring to linking Party A and Party B. The modular nature of FreeSwitch allows for a great deal of customization and functionality.
  • It’s simple to integrate into low-power devices.
  • It is good for residentials because It allows for simple end-user device settings.
  • It includes advanced voicemail settings and an audio navigation system with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Auto-dialling feature is linked to IVR in the event of severe weather school closure notice recordings.
  • It can be used in surveys and volunteering applications.
  • It can notify political constituents of upcoming party meetings and gatherings. Making outbound fundraising or event coordinating calls with a live agent.
  • The scalability and feature set of FreeSwitch make it ideal for use as the foundation of a robust commercial PBX phone system.
  • If your solution causes developing a customized application, FreeSwitch predictive dialer offers several development choices for call control and routing. You may use any supported language.
  • FreeSwitch provides a wealth of functions and primitives for working with audio files and tasks. Audio formats have their own API in FreeSwitch.
  • One of FreeSwitch’s greatest strengths is its ability to interconnect various telephony protocols, including innovative new media and signalling protocols. FreeSwitch is a powerful translator that understands a wide range of languages and can quickly translate between them. These different languages are known as protocols, and FreeSwitch can understand and solve a wide range of media and signalling protocols.
  • FreeSwitch dialer has the most advanced video conferencing features such as multiple video codecs support and transcoding, multiple video layouts, screen splits, picture in picture, screen sharing, video mixing, video effects, video superimposing (captions, logos, and so on) and real-time manipulation. 
  • One of the most attractive features of FreeSwitch is its versatility. It could be used as a library in your own apps.
  • FreeSwitch simplifies advanced applications by removing a lot of the complications. FreeSwitch is an open-source, cross-platform telephony framework that can route and link major communication protocols by utilizing audio, video, text or any other type of media.

Wrap Up

I have shared features of FreeSwitch call centres. Companies want to use open source solutions, so the FreeSwitch dialer is one of the best things.

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